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Smart Switchgear Cabinet
Release date: 2022-05-19 Source of information: XJ Group Corporation

VSR3-12/D630A series vacuum ring main unit is a 12kV fully enclosed and insulated switch cabinet produced by Zhuhai XJ Electric Co., Ltd. It adopts vacuum as the arc extinction medium, uses SF6 gas as the insulating medium and is applicable to neutral point earthing system via small resistance, neutral point ungrounded system and neutral point earthing system via an arc suppression coil for 10kV cable network and elevated cable hybrid network.

All live parts of vacuum switches of this cabinet and the switches are enclosed in a stainless steel gas chamber. The enclosed chamber is filled with the SF6 gas. SF6 gas is a colorless and odorless inert gas without any impact on the environment. Its dielectric strength is three times that of air and it is not decomposed even at 500℃. Before leaving the factory, the switch cabinet is filled with SF6 gas at the specified pressure. The rated gas pressure is ‘0’MPa. The cabinet may be configured flexibly. Multiple cabinet types and combination schemes are available. There is either manual mechanism or motor-driven mechanism. Their overall and installation dimensions are similar. The cabinet may be installed outdoor or indoor, including in basement, concrete box and stainless steel box.

1.Equipment intelligence: Vacuum arc extinction and external insulation by SF6 are adopted. The enclosed metal cabinet structure is compact and has two modes: UIT and distributed smart, for flexible switching to realize local fault handling.

2.Equipment integration: Switch, power PT, CT, sensor, smart terminal, automatic interface, dedicated connecting cables and other design are integrated. Joint debugging test is done once or twice in factory. Standard interfaces are reserved to realize fast and convenient plug connection on site.

3.Equipment practicability: The complete equipment is applicable to the construction of new cable rooms and reformation of original equipment in old cable rooms, cable lines for various demands to realize automation.

4.Maintenance-free equipment: The equipment and interface adopt a fully insulated and enclosed structure. The backup power is configured with a super capacitor to ensure the equipment is highly reliable and maintenance free in design.

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