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Epoxy Cast Dry Type Transformer 10-35kV
Release date: 2022-05-19 Source of information: XJ Group Corporation

SCB10, 11 type epoxy resin cast dry transformers up to and including 35kV are mainly used in transformer and distribution equipment systems. Dry transformer is most suitable for fire protection requirements, load fluctuation and dirty wet harsh environment. Products used in the three Gorges, Yellow River Xiaolangdi, Olympic Bird's Nest, Capital Airport, Beijing subway, Ningde nuclear power and other national major projects. Energy saving and environmental protection scB10-800/10 dry transformer has passed CESI certification in Italy. The company has passed the quality, environment, occupational health and safety integrated management system certification. Rongpai tianyu dry transformer has passed the type test and special test of national transformer Quality Supervision and inspection Center for many times. The product is suitable for electric power, petrochemical, transportation, construction, mining and other fields.

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