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Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer 10kV
Release date: 2022-05-19 Source of information: XJ Group Corporation

With the development of national economy and the recovery of all industries, China's energy shortage is becoming increasingly serious. With the implementation of new energy standards, high loss transformers have gradually withdrawn from the market, especially the high voltage power grid directly into the urban area, deep into the load center of its demand for high performance, low loss transformers increased year by year. The 110kV/220kV transformer of S(Z)11, as the transformer with the lowest energy consumption at present, will be the only choice for the newly built substation and the transformed substation.The product is suitable for power system and petrochemical, steel, paper and other power transmission and distribution fields, through voltage boost or step-down to achieve the purpose of power transmission and distribution, can also be used in different voltage grid connection.

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