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YB-12 (40.5) Series Preinstalled Substation
Release date: 2022-05-19 Source of information: XJ Group Corporation

Our products to the large capacity for new energy development needs, in order to further improve the quality of new energy power generation and shorten the construction time, tianyu electric conducting key equipments and core technology research and the development of large capacity based on combined substation photovoltaic, wind power combined transformer (change), pre-installed type substation (the change, and China), A number of key technologies have broken the technical bottlenecks of similar products in the industry and reached the leading level, effectively improving the operation reliability and construction efficiency of new energy equipment. Our ZGS series of combined transformer products are widely used in cable transmission ring network or terminal distribution system; Preinstalled substation products are widely used in power systems, various public buildings, high-rise buildings, stadiums, industrial and mining enterprises and traffic stations, etc., which can be used as permanent devices and construction site power supply.

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