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The voltage control device provided by XJGroup for the China-Laos Railway
Release date: 2022-05-31 Source of information: XJ Group Corporation

16:44, December 3, 2021

Leaders of China and Laos issued a departure order

China-Laos railway opens to traffic

North from Kunming, China

South to Vientiane, Laos

The China-Laos Railway is 1035 kilometers long

Composed of Kunyu section, Yumo section and Mowan section

It is an important part of the central line of the Trans-Asian Railway

It is also after the “Belt and Road” initiative was put forward

The first investment, construction and operation with the Chinese side as the mainstay

The whole line adopts Chinese technical standards and uses Chinese equipment

International railway projects directly connected to China's railway network

The first electrified railway in Laos

It is of great significance for promoting the economic and social development of Laos

Complete the supply task ahead of schedule

At the request of the customer, the material matching time of the first traction substation was shortened from the normal 45 days to 25 days. The time was tight and the task was heavy. In order to ensure the successful implementation of the project and the performance of the contract on schedule, the first traction substation was successfully supplied in only 21 days.

Effectively protect the safe operation of trains

The China-Laos Railway adopts the "AC-DC-AC" power supply system scheme, and obtains a stable power supply voltage of 10 kV through AC-DC conversion. It provides a strong guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the system. In response to the large voltage fluctuation of the power grid in Laos and the unstable railway traction voltage, XJ Group successfully developed a voltage control device, which can quickly switch to the backup power supply when the voltage fluctuation is large, effectively protecting the safe and stable operation of primary equipment and trains.

Day and night to complete field service commissioning

XJ Group actively overcome the dual pressure of the COVID-19 Outbreak epidemics and the tight construction period, and has dispatched 19 domestic and foreign Service personnel, with a total of 1,520 persons/day going to the site for equipment installation and debugging. Due to the need for vehicle operation tests during the day, equipment debugging can only be carried out from 19:00 to 4:00 in the morning, and the project personnel must work day and night.

Complete all product delivery tasks with high quality

In order to facilitate the follow-up technicians to maintain the system, XJ Group completed the check of 900,000 entries, the dynamic and static tests of the protection measurement and control device and the monitoring system within a week, and realized the whole system of the Chinese and English versions of the traction integrated automation system and the power distribution integrated automation system.

Realize unattended traction substation

In the domestic section of the China-Laos Railway, XJ Group innovatively adopts the data sharing technology based on the protection measurement and control device of the bay layer, which effectively simplifies the fault location and wiring method, and comprehensively improves the fault location accuracy and operation and maintenance efficiency. In the domestic substation auxiliary monitoring system, new technologies and new applications such as guide rail robot inspection, camera video inspection, image intelligent recognition, and intelligent security are adopted, which truly realizes unattended traction substations.

The China-Laos Railway is a landmark project along the "Belt and Road" countries

It is the road of friendship, prosperity and happiness for the people of China and Laos

For Laos to get rid of the "landlocked country" dilemma

It is of great significance to realize the rapid development of foreign economy

Chinese electrical equipment will continue to implementation of the new development concept completely, accurately and comprehensively.

Actively participate in the "Belt and Road" construction

Actively integrate into the domestic and international "dual circulation"

Strive to build a world-class smart electrical equipment group